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Don't Believe

By Cherryholmes

Review By Michael Browns


For many... you will easily remember the hit song "Eastbound and Down" by the late great Jerry Reed.  Well, I think a portion of the lyric from that song applies to the family band Cherryholmes..... "We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there..." Cherryholmes has done just that, they've come a long way in a short time. Consider this... the band formed in 1999. They decided to go professional and full time in 2002. Then just three years later Ricky Skaggs signs them to his Skaggs Family Records label.

Ricky was very wise when he signed Cherryholmes to his Skaggs Family Records and that act alone gives serious credibility to Cherryholmes even without mentioning their obvious musical talent. 

The brand new project "Cherryholmes III: Don't Believe" does not disappoint veteran Cherryholmes fans or even folks who have never heard them before or even heard Bluegrass music outside of the movie "Brother Where Art Thou." 

When I first listened to pre-release CD of Cherryholmes III (one of the many benefits of being a DJ).... from the project's first song I Can Only Love You (So Much)" to the closing track, an instrumental reprise of track 10 titled "Broken, I was and still remain impressed. Actually, my very first reaction to the entire project was.... "WOW!" 

On this album you will find the basic foundation of traditional Bluegrass with the ever present breath of fresh air approach from Cherryholmes. That breath of fresh air includes the use of intricate chord progressions, a mix of Celtic music (which of course contributed to the birth of Bluegrass), solid original song writing and superb musicianship and vocal performances. 

Bluegrass artists such as Cherryholmes, Mountain Heart (who is currently touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd), Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski, Cadillac Sky, Blue Moon Rising, Kenny and Amanda Smith and of course Ricky Skaggs are why Bluegrass music popularity is growing in leaps and bounds. 

I take off my hat to Cherryholmes for remaining true to Bluegrass while helping to breath new life into an American music standard.


Michael L. Browns

Host of "Deep Cut Bluegrass" on The Bluegrass Mix






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