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Stacy Grubb


By Stacy Grubb

Review By Roger Randolph


I first heard of Stacy Grubb several years ago, not long after I started internet broadcasting. She had been singing in her fathers band "Alan Johnston & South 52" where she honed her talents as a vocalist and songwriter. She's a beautiful young songbird who's ready to fly as high as the skies will allow. Her first CD project... "Hurricane", will prove that she has both the wings and the strength to get her soaring.

When reading the liner notes one can't escape the impressive cast of musicians that helped bring Stacy's songs come alive.... with names like Rob Ikes, Ron Block, and Aubrey Haynie a person would think this CD was going to be a bluegrass project, far from it though. Bluegrass is there, along with the sounds of country, mountain, folk, ect. No set genre for this gal and as far as I'm concerned she should not be confined to one. Just GREAT music on each track.  

The title cut for the CD is "Hurricane", and upbeat tune written by Stacy's father Alan "Cathead" Johnston and is also on Alan's CD "Sweet Appalachia". (For those who remember the early years of Mel Street you might remember Alan, he also backed up Crystal Gail, John Anderson, and Stella Parton to name just a few so he's no stranger to the musical business.)
Stacy grabs your attention right away with a strong commanding vocal presence that keeps you glued til the end, a great choice for an opening song but the best is yet to come...  Heck with Stacy's singing you don't even realize who's singing harmony on Hurricane... It's none other than Jamie Daley and Darrin Vincent!

I had started this review out to be simple, but it grew to a song by song 'book' that I just had to condense into this..
The songs Stacy wrote and selected for the cd are stories of mountain life, love and sorrow, each distinct and powerful. If you close your eyes you can imagine yourself as being part of each song. They come alive and draw you into them.  When the songs end you're wishing they would continue.

Some of my personal favorites include "Baby Dear", "Let It Go", "West Virginia Wildflower", and "I Wonder Where You Are"... all written by Stacy. In fact, of the 12 songs recorded on "Hurricane", Stacy wrote 9 of them.

Stacy Grubb can mesmerize you with with her soulful tenor voice as well as with her genuine smile. She is as real as they come, and growing up in southern WV you can bet she can take care of herself too.  I honestly feel that we'll be hearing more from Stacy in the years to come.

Bear in mind that this album is not a "Bluegrass" cd, you will hear drums, strings and even an occasional electric guitar.  All done tastefully so that even some of the traditional bluegrass/country lovers will find it appealing.

If you're a "Music from the Heart" lover, you won't want to pass this album up. It's available directly from Stacy's website at


~Roger Randolph - May 2009

Host of “The Bluegrass Express”
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