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The Bankester Family

Somewhere In Between

By The Bankester Family

Review By Roger Randolph


Everybody's heard the term "Family Harmonies" and there's no doubt everybody's heard good Family harmony over the years, but once you listen to The Bankester Family I think you'll agree that the term will take on a whole new meaning.

I recently received the CD "Somewhere In Between" from the band and when I had a moment or two I sat down to "Sample" each track like I normally do when I listen to a new submission, well, there was no "Sampling" this CD... from the first song to the last I listened to every note and word this family sang.  I was drawn into the music from the start and could not let go...  Heck I didn't want to let go!
 "Goosebump Harmony" is what my wife calls it when she also heard this soulful band.... and I’ll tell ya SHE'S not easily impressed!

The Bankester Family consists of Phil and Doreen Bankester (both playing guitar), their 4 daughters, Melissa (bass), Lindsey (mandolin), Emily (fiddle) and Alysha (fiddle) and Melissa's husband Kyle (banjo). Mix all 7 of these talented individuals together and you have one AWESOME sound that will make you smile.

The first cut on the CD "Amen, There's A Higher Power" features Emily singing lead with dad and mom ringing in with harmony. This song commanded my attention and immediately everything else I was going to do that evening was put on the back burner. I then sat down for a ride through the sweet melodies and vocals of "Carolina Rain", a Becky Buller song which the family just completed shooting a video for. Melissa takes the lead on this one with sister Emily and mother Doreen rounding it out. Can't wait to see the video!

Some of the other cuts include "He's Holding onto Me", "Shield Of Faith" and "In The Morning Light" all written by Ron Block, "Reminds Me Of Missouri" and "Bottomlands" by Wil Maring along with some traditional tunes like "Gospel Plow" and "Long Time Traveler"

Don't take my word for it, go to and get this CD today, tell 'em Roger from The Bluegrass Mix sent ya (no you won't get a discount but you won't be concerned with any discount after hearing this band)

This family was put on this earth to do one thing.. SING!!.. and they do it with the best of them.

Thank You Bankester Family for the sweet music to my ears that you provide with this CD.

~Roger Randolph - Apr 2009

Host of “County Roads Bluegrass”
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