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Interested in becoming a Bluegrass Mix Host?

The Bluegrass Mix is comprised of an all volunteer group of bluegrass music lovers.  If you have the desire to help spread the word about Bluegrass then we may have a place for you here at the Mix.

The first thing you will need, aside from a good computer is a fast broadband internet connection.  At least 200kbps upload speed or faster.  You can check your speed here.


Run 2 tests.. one on a server closest to your home location, and then one on the New York server.  It will report back to you your download speed and upload speed.  Your "Upload" speed is the one that's important to us in broadcasting.  If you get consistent 200kbps+ speeds then your connection is fast enough.

Your computer should be running Windows XP or XP-Pro, Windows 7 or 8... be stable and have a hard drive with at least enough free space for you to rip music to and store your music collection.  Our broadcasting uses MP3 files, not direct from the CD's in your CD drive.  There have been many issues with getting the Vista operating system to work properly.  It's not recommended at this time.

You should have a GOOD QUALITY sound card, the preferred would be a Creative Soundblaster or equivelent.  Some onboard soundcards will work fine though if there are the proper sound device controls.

A good microphone that you can connect to the computer is a must, along with a good comfortable set of headphones.  The microphone can even be a cheap PC mic from WalMart.

If you have these things, and your connection speed is up to par then contact Roger to get the ball rolling.  We'll send you an application.


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