Roger Randolph
St Albans WV

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Co-Founder of The Bluegrass Mix, DJ, WebMaster and Stream Coordinator

Roger Randolph was born and raised in West Virginia and grew up on country and bluegrass music. He started playing music very early in life, taking piano lessons from about age 6 thru 9. In Jr High he played Baritone Sax in the marching band and the after-school stage band "The Monograms". After high school he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force where he retired in 1996.

While in the military he picked up a used guitar and started teaching himself from books and sitting in with others. Eventually playing in a couple of small local bands around the areas where he was stationed. He also competed in the various levels of Air Force talent shows and made it to the "Air Force WorldWide Talent Show" finals in the early 90s.

After retiring from the USAF he moved to Georgia where he worked as a district manager for USA Today newspapers, then in 2000 was "Called Home" to West Virginia to get back into the family service station business where he is at today.  He's started learning a little on Banjo and Mandolin and tries to pick when he can.  He recently added a Fiddle to his instrument collection and is taking lessons.

"I love all kinds of bluegrass music, old, new and everything in between, so you're liable to hear anything on my show. I had lost touch with bluegrass while in the military and listened to and played mostly country. I am still learning about some of the newer artists and their music. With the help of this medium I hope to help spread the word about bluegrass, it's got something for everybody I think, if they just give it a listen they'll see."


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